Ilyas Raphaël Khan

Student of the tablas player Hameed Khan his father, Yusuf Khan his grand-father and the late Ustad Hydayat Khan, Ilyas Raphaël Khan grew up in India in a musical atmosphere of an Indo-French family.

Fully trained in tablas, he later discovered the human beat-boxing. Ilyas Raphaël catches up this rhythmic vocal, that he associates with the tablas to compose and interpret evolving rhythms of Indian tradition to Western contemporary music. It strikes simultaneously to synchronize his vocal rhythmic play of tablas to the beatboxing, spoken percussion reproducing sounds by mouth and voice. Ilyas Khan Raphael creates a own musical style: the tablaboxing.

Ilyas Raphaël Khan started to perform on stage at the age of 14 years old, and since then plays in India, in France, in Lebanon, in Danemark and in United Kingdom, where he has studied performing arts for two years. He has been touring with hip-pop and bharatanatyam dancers, the world champion beatboxer Alem…

Ilyas Raphaël Khan drives you with freshness and spontaneity to a world of varied and innovative sounds on complex and sophisticated rhythms, assimilating Indian classical and innovative Western music with natural and virtuosity. Captivating.


Ilyas has been involved in documentaries with BBC in 2009, with France 5 TV in 2011 and with France Culture.

Hindustan Times September 2015
Hindustan Times September 2015

Line-up: soloist (tablaboxing) or accompanist (tablas or beatboxing)

Availability : all over the year

Territories : worldwide. He lives in Paris and London.



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Instrument: The tablas are the accompanying percussion par excellence of northern India. Formed of a pair of cylindrical drums, the play of the tablas responds to a very complex rhythmic system tal alternating different forms, based on fixed compositions but principally on improvisations. The bol system (mnemonic syllables) is part of the art of tablas, the player having to integrate orally many rhythmic compositions representing the timbres.