French based Nirmaan, Indian electric station is a fabulous musical encounter between the electric amplified music and a deep Indian voice.

The journey started a long time ago, when Parveen Sabrina Khan, born in Paris (France) and raised in Jaipur (India) studied Hindustani vocal at the age of seven and was immersed at the Kawa Cultural Centre, in the traditional music of Rajasthan with Musafir and also the Breton songs of the Erik Marchand’s Trio in both of whic her father Hameed Khan performed. Brittany (France) has not only a musical resonance for Parveen, but also a strong intimate connection, as she used to spend her summer holidays near Lorient, the ancient Indian company’s harbour, her maternel grand-parents home.

This is in this context, that two Breton musicians Antoine Lahay (guitar) and Etienne Cabaret (bass clarinet) visited Jaipur, Musafir and Jaipur Kawa Brass Band ‘s home town and Khan’s family and immediately connected with Parveen Sabrina Khan (vocal). Nirmaan was born…

The band consists of five musicians: Etienne Cabaret, bass clarinetist inspired by« treujeun gaol » Breton musical style and electro-accoustic sound, Pierre Droual, violonist and keyboards player, with a background of a traditional training and improvised and electric music, Parveen Sabrina Khan, vocalist of Hindustani music and maands (classic form of Rajasthani traditional songs), Antoine Lahay, electric guitarist trained in pop, jazz and improvised music and Jean-Marie Nivaine, custom prepared drumcase, trained to worldwide rythmics .


Nirmaan Indian electric station meaning ”creation” in Hindi language nurtures its own universe, exploring and blending the multicultural heritage and the large and sound musical background of the five musicians.

The new sounds of improvised and amplified tunes, progressive rock, pop as well as Indian classical influences produce a powerful, sometimes furious music moulding a perfect comfort to Parveen’s pure and deep voice. A rare blend of tradition and métissage of acoustic and electric amplified music with rooted and ethereal sounds.

Nirmaan Indian electric station has won in November 2017 the rewarded price “Prix des musiques d’ici “ and will perform on the 31st January 2018 at Festival Au Fil des Voix at the Alhambra in Paris (France), in July 2018 at Festival des Suds in Arles ( France), in autumn 2018 at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (France) and many more to come…


  • “un auditoire enthousiaste, qui danse, chaloupe, se laisse prendre dans les filets du “rock exotique” de Nirmaan – “création” en sanskrit -” Le Nouvel Observateur-2014
  •  an extract of a performance in summer 2013 in France: .

Line-up:  5 musicians

  • Parveen Sabrina Khan, vocalist
  • Etienne Cabaret, bass clarinet player
  • Antoine Lehay, electric guitarist
  • Pierre Droual violinist and keyboards player
  • Jean-Marie Nivaigne, drummer

Availability: all over the year

Territory: worldwide

Previous concerts

23/11/17, Festival Migrant’Scène (1988 Live Club, Rennes 35)

08/11/17, Grands Voisins (Paris, 75014)

06/11/17, France Musique, captation Live (Paris, 75016)

28/10/17, Festival des musiques du mondes (Petit Bain, Paris 75013)

07/10/17, Festival Film Asie du Sud (Cirque Electrique, Paris 75020)

08/09/17, Festival Tomahawk (Querrien, 29)

12/08/17, Festival du chant de Marin (Paimpol, 22)

09/08/17, Transat en Ville (Rennes, 35)

29/07/17, Festival bouche à Oreille, Parthenay (79)

14/07/17, Festival kann al loar (Landerneau, 29) 2013 and 2017

07/07/17, Le Bar Ouf (Cholet, 49)

06/07/17, Le Plan B (Poitiers, 86)

Valence, 26, Sète, Marseille

10/06/17, Wadada Festival (Ploudalmézeau, 29)

20/01/17, Auditions Inouies printemps de Bourges, L’antipode (Rennes, 35)

15/07/16, Les Musical’été, Annemasse (74)

04/05/16, Armor India, Morlaix (29)

19/04/16, Maison des Arts, St herblain (44)

07/11/15, Douarnenez (29)

06/06/15, Fêtes de l’arz, Rochefort en Terre (56)

16/05/15, Festival Escales Nomades, Trédrez-Locquémeau (22)

19/07/14 Festival des Vieilles Charrues, Carhaix, France

13/06/14 Le Jardin Moderne, Rennes, France

18/02/14 Alliance Française, Delhi, India

20/02/14 Kawa Cultural centre, Jaipur, India

27/02/14 Blue Frog, Bombay, India

31/01/14 Scène itinérante Le Plancher, Glomel, France

14/12/13 Festival Noborder, Brest, France

10/11/13 SMAC La citrouille, St Brieuc, France

09/11/13 Le pixie, Lannion, France

24/08/13 Festival Fisel, Rostrenen, France

26/07/13 Festival de Cornouaille, Quimper, France

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